215 million dollar lesson in vibrations.

Arizona Lottery fail

Arizona Lottery fail

Wudup Kenfolk, so I never play the lottery, and suddenly I have the urge to start playing.   In the past I never believed in the lottery. But recently I have changed my perception about things. So when I get impulses I go with them, I’ve been practicing a lot of law of attraction techniques.

The whole day my intentions where to stay in a high vibration, to keep things coming my way. It had worked so why not believe in what works. I go to look at my ticket online and check the numbers. What do you say, they all match. WTF, oh snap moment. We in the money moment!  Super moment of appreciation comes over me.  I’m so thankful for everything in life, my son, the air, my family, my friends, everything you can possibly think of. I tear up saying thank you thank you thank you. I’m thanking my heart the most, because my heart told me to do it. So I did it, and didn’t give it much thought.

I’m super happy and thankful to my heart, I keep getting this over whelming feeling of joy almost my heart hugging me back. I am over joyed, just the day before I had a lottery ticket where I got one number right, and then another I was just one number off on the Powerball. I looked at all of them as wins, there is never any disappointment. Because rather I win or not I’m happy because I know that I am the lottery ticket deep down.  I will be cashing out, but today I have this real ticket and it’s about to cash out today!

Here I was working my whole life, and all I had to do was believe in this, and bam it happened right in front of my face. WTF is happening? Wow…let me sign this ticket…I sign the ticket..I laugh with my spirit guides. They send me major joy, I check fb and there’s a friend talking about a loved one that passed. And I decide to comment because I actually know the person.  Recently I tapped into abilities to communicate with other energies, entities. What ever you want to call them I can communicate with some, no big deal.  It’s fairly new to me.  As I start to respond to the comment I start to feel communication from the energy this person is talking about. Now this would never probably happen, if I didn’t happen to know the person that passed. So I had no reason to think I couldn’t communicate with her if I wanted to, I just had no reason to try.

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Mind is Muscle

Wavy Folio aka David Chatwood. Your mind is your best muscle

I was already in a super high vibration without thinking I won the lottery. But winning had me just up and knowing I could do anything.  So of course I reached out. “Katy is that you?”…and of course I get the feeling that usually indicates yes.  As I’m typing I feel like she basically takes over what she wants me to say.  I go with it, I even put in quotes because I wanted her to know it really wasn’t me speaking.  She basically told her “Bitch get your shit together and raise your vibration so we can actually communicate”. The funny thing is I would never call this girl a bitch…to her face. I do use the B word, but never just talking to a girl like that. I felt wierd about leaving it in there, but I figured maybe “Katy”( not her real name). Used this word in her normal conversations with her when she was mad, and she wanted to get the point across that she was serious. So I just leave it there, knowing how disrespectful it looks. But damn it I’m tired of hiding stuff. It’s annoying, so I’m just going to be as transparent as possible in order to be clear.

I post what I post, then I go back to being thankful for my lottery ticket…wow I just won a 215 million dollar lottery. I decide to call my dad, not to tell him but to hear his voice.  I just wanted to hear his voice at that moment so I called him. We had quick small talk. I didn’t tell him, because I didn’t want to tell anyone until it was really solidified. That’s not something you tell people until it’s secured. So then I decide, let me take my ass to go get my money. I look up the address to Arizona lottery I get there with google maps. As I get close to it, I notice google maps is taking me right next to my old job. And I think isn’t that ironic. Arizona Lottery is right next to my old job that I literally just got fired from. Well I put in my two weeks, but they fired me earlier for no call no-show. I certainly no called no showed so it was obvious I didn’t want to be there anymore.

Back to the story, so Google maps takes me all the way to my old job and I end up driving passed it. And guess who the hell I see. The damn girl who I just left a comment to, she’s sitting

Wavy Folio Homecoming Portraits

Wavy Folio Home coming Portraits

outside smoking a cigarette looking sad as hell. Definitely not the look that I wanted her to have after she read what I had to say. So I raised my window down and I told her. “I meant everything I said”. She gave me the “whatever, but I appreciate your concern” look. I kept driving and thinking wow. What are the odds of that, and I realize that the person she was sad about had guided me to her to reinforce the message. I ask should I go back and talk to her to some how convince her, but that was not necessary.

Now it was time to go get my money. So I get back on course and find the Arizona Lottery right next door. I come in with my ticket happy as hell and go to the counter. I hand them my ticket, they say where’s the ticket. I said that’s the ticket in your hand with the winning numbers. She says, this is not a ticket, it says so right at the top. So then I look at it and notice it says “this is not a ticket”. So now I’m majorly confused at how I didn’t notice that before. And had no idea why I would even have thought that. So I look at my other ticket and realize it hasn’t been drawn yet. So now I realize..nope you have not won the lottery.

Wavy Folio

Wavy Folio

At this point I am cracking the hell up, because I realize what just happened. My heart was giving me a lesson in vibrations. And showing me exactly how I should feel about life. By thinking I won the lottery I was in such a high vibration of appreciation for everything in life, I even realized at this moment that I was the lottery ticket. My life is the lottery ticket, I’m a walking lottery ticket. Able to walk around in this physical world touching feeling hugging and appreciating life. After I got back to my car I got such a great laugh, realizing where I got my sense of humor from. My heart showed me such a great lesson with humor. But the funniest part, was when I got back to my home and all my other non physical friends laughed like hell at me.
It was really hilarious, even the spirit that passed “Katy” was cracking the hell up at me. And it was so funny, I even made a video all types of stuff I was mad happy. I know it was a beautiful lesson taught to me that I will hold on to. Just remembering we are walking lottery tickets. And if we do what we love we will cash out. I love interpreting how I see life. And that’s all I just did there. You can see this as fictional if you want, or you can see it as true. Regardless thank you for your time have a great day. Do not fight the impulse to share, like, comment and subscribe.

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