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“All White Comedy Get Down!” staring Wavy Folio & the Clazzmates at Oasis on Van Buren April 26th 2018

Wavy Folio Stand up Comedy
Wavy Folio Photography© 2018

Don’t miss the “All white comedy get Down” at Oasis on Van Buren.  Starring Wavy Folio and the Clazzmates.  Laughter and music go together like condoms and vaginas.  Mr. Folio is combining them to bring you an entertaining thought

Wavy Folio and The Clazzmates

All-White-Comedy-Get-Down-Oasis-on-Van-Buren Wavy Folio and the Clazzmates

provoking extravaganza.  He will give his hilarious perspective on a range of topics from sexual transmutation to meeting his soul mate.  Kristina Johnson from Phoenix said his energy is what they love most about seeing him live.  His brutal honest opinions are hilarious but extremely on point, I like him because he doesn’t come from a judgmental standpoint.  He’s not trying to push his views on anyone, he’s just talking about how crazy he looks for having his views.  Wavy Folio’s number one goal is to get his black card back.  He lost it 07/25/2008 that’s his inter racial sons birthday.  Wavy Folio

Buy Tickets to Wavy Folio and the Clazzmates April 26th 2018

Buy Tickets to Wavy Folio and the Clazzmates April 26th 2018

says he was kicked out of the Pro Black Coalition once they got word he had a son by the “enemy”.  Wavy Folio also said he was further embarrassed when his kids mom did the unthinkable.  She had another son, by her own race. Proving once you go black, you don’t go back was a lie.  Even though the baby came from a one night stand, this is still a embarrassing blemish on his black record.  He cried tears of pain when his Wakanda membership was unable to be renewed.



How to get famous in 2018

How to get famous in 2018

Oasis Event Center 1715 W Van Buren St Phoenix AZ

Oasis Event Center 1714 W Van Buren St Phoenix AZ

Wavy Folio doesn’t just look into the rabbit hole he takes you in with him, “he’s a breath of fresh air” said Kesha from Glendale.  “A lot of comics come from a place of anger in their comedy, and he seems to come from a place of love.  Which is rare to see from Black comedians, it’s probably why he lost his black card.” Kesha said jokingly.  Wavy Folio was quoted saying “everything happens for a reason, It’s a beautiful thing to know someone was meant to hear your voice, I appreciate that and people can feel my appreciation.”  “If I were to compare myself to any comedians I really wouldn’t.  But I would love to be a mix of Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappell, Martin, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, Kat Williams, George Karlin, Richard Pryor, Robin Harris, and more.”  “There’s no way to be better than anyone, it’s literally impossible for me to be better than anyone.  I am at a place where I can present the best me possible,  the best me is a beast.” Mr. Folio was quoted saying.

The Clazzmates 2018

The Clazzmates at Oasis Event Center April 26th 2018 Jazz and Stand up comedy

Thursday April 26th 7pm, all roads will not lead to Oasis on Van Buren, but if you put 1715 W Van Buren street, Phoenix AZ in your map quest.  I can guarantee you will have a great time laughing at Wavy Folio and dancing to one of the hottest Jazz Bands from Detroit “The Clazzmates“.  And you will drive home feeling “All the way up”.

Find out more information about the Clazzmates by visiting their website   Don’t forget to subscribe to “Wavy Folio” on YouTube.  Remember this is a BYOB, 21 and up at Oasis Event Center 1715 W Van Buren St Phoenix AZ.   More show dates coming soon.  Tickets will go on sale 04/19/2018, click this secret link to secure your table before they sell out.  

Pee Wee's Chicago Style Fried Chicken

Pee Wee’s Chicago Style Fried Chicken Catering the “All White Comedy Get Down”


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