Top 10 things I learned from my first video with a million views.

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The most watched video I have ever created has 1,374,198 views.  Under YouTube account Lava Boiz Wavy.    The most disappointing thing about it, is the video has no monetization.  Every time I attempted to get the video monetized something went wrong and I never came back to it.  But that does not stop people from watching the video everyday.  The other hilarious part about it is the video has nothing to do with anything I really care about.  But I still learned valuable lessons.

  1. The title of your video is the main attraction.  My title was Chihuahua gets stuck in Pit Bulls “Snatch” Unbelievable (Literally Stuck in the Poontang)
  2. People like to watch little dogs mate with big dogs…. a lot.  1, 374,198 times and counting.
  3. Ignorant folks say ignorant things in the comment section.
  4. Videos of dogs stuck together are difficult to masturbate to. Hilarious comment by Luis Niembro
  5. It’s dangerous to pull your dogs apart when mating. VERY DANGEROUS (It’s called knotting the male dog penis develops a large knot at the end during mating.  I made the video because I had never seen this happen before.
  6. Many people wonder what a Pit Bull & Chihuahua mixed would look like.
  7. Even if you say “these aren’t my dogs”.  People will not listen and give you advice as if these are your dogs.
  8. Many people hate Chihuahuas and want to kill them with fire.  (not me I love them)
  9. Some people think everyone should neuter and spay all dogs!
  10. People really do not watch videos before they leave a comment.


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