2018 It was all Good just a week ago, Phoenix Rapper Mezzy Locco arrested after shooting

Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography
Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography

Phoenix Rapper Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography©


It was all good just a week ago.  Seems like a never ending story for the Hip-Hop Community.  In Phoenix, AZ On Christmas Eve 2017 Allen Ross aka underground

Mezzy Locco arrested pic

Mezzy Locco aka Allen Ross arrested Dec 24, 2017

Rapper Mezzy Locco was arrested for 1 Count of AGG ASLT-DEADLY WPN/DANG INST and (1) Count Poss WPN by Prohib Person.  Hood translation, “Bruh popped off”, regular person translation “he had a weapon and used it”. The details of this incident will always be between those involved, and it’s too early to determine who is at fault.

What I can say about Mr.  Mezzy Locco is he is a very talented artist.  When I heard his music I was impressed with his wordplay and ability to ride the beat.

Every time I saw Mezzy he was on the move. The last time I saw him was at his families house the day before he was arrested; he was helping some random people he just met off the street.  These people told us a story about how he helped them and was pretty much their Angel for the night.  The guy and his girlfriend looked really shook up, and Mezzy didn’t want anything in return. I know this was something that he did often because his family questioned the hell out of the 2 strangers making sure they were legit.  His mom let them know soon as they came in the house “My son always bringing stray dogs around here”.  So that is how I determined Mezzy Locco had a great heart.

“My son always bringing stray dogs around here”

The day before Mezzy Locco was arrested I recorded this video and took some shots of him you see on this page.  In the video you will get to see his beautiful daughters and him hanging out with his family and friends.  The words in the song speak for themselves “What more Can I do, what more can I say”.  Full video exclusively on www.wavyfolio.com Filmed and edited by David Chatwood Wavy Folio Phoenix, AZ Photography and Video-Ography.  Stay tuned for more music from Mezzy Locco  and if you need a video, photoshoot, or website email wavyfolio@gmail.com.


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Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography

Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography ©


Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography ©

Mezzy Locco Wavy Folio Photography ©


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