New road trip hack to stay awake, way better than caffeine says Wavy Folio.

Want to know how to stay awake on the road?  I have come to the conclusion the best hack to stay awake on the road is to freestyle.  It can really wake you up, especially if you get into it.  A human can only take so much caffeine before it stops working.   For a short 5 hour trip this is a great alternative to taking caffeine.   You might want to save it for later and spit a couple bars like Wavy Folio.  Fruits vegetables and nuts are also great alternatives to caffeine, or cocaine as well.

I do this by going on to youtube and just typing instrumental after whatever song I feel like raping too.  If you don’t know how to rap, just think of Dr. Suess, you don’t have to be great.  No one is watching but you but your spirit guides.  With todays rap you should have nothing to fear.  Or even sing to some R&B instrumentals.  I was just singing to new R&B sensation KP’ Kenneth Paiges new singleRide the Wave“.  It woke me all the way up.

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