Why I meditate more than I pray.


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People ask me all the time if I meditate.  The answer is yes.  Some people wonder why one would meditate instead of pray.  I myself prefer to meditate, because in meditation I can specifically direct my energy where I want.  I have never learned how to do that with prayer, nor have I tried.  Many people say pray to God and ask him for your help.  I believe in God, but I believe in God in a different way (there is no him or her involved).  Because of the way I believe in God, meditation makes more sense to me.  Plus I have seen more results with meditation.  I meditate to maintain a certain state of mind.  Any time I have prayed it was to get something specific.  My main goal now is to maintain a specific state of mind instead of obtaining anything.  I am not against prayer, I’m just more for meditation.  I will not talk down on prayer, because there could be things I do not understand about it which is why I don’t utilize it.  I will talk up on meditation because it helps me do what I want to do.  Which is maintain a high vibration.  There are many reasons one should meditate.  Many people have reasons why they do not meditate, I think it is because they do not know how or understand the benefits.  But they should not be ashamed of this, they should open their hearts and learn more about it.  As you should anything that people seem to benefit from.  A person that meditates is not perfect, they are just a person who meditates.

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